Correlation between body weight and morphometric traits in local and exotic chickens to dietary levels of Moringa oleifera (Lamarck) seed meal


  • A. O. Akintunde
  • A. A. Toye
  • A. A. Ademola
  • A. E. Jubril



Nigerian Ecotype local chickens, Marshall broiler chickens, morphometric parameters


Moringa oleifera (Lamarck) seed is a novel feedstuff that can be incorporated into poultry nutrition and a potential cheaper alternative than the current conventional feedstuff in Nigeria. The aim of the study was to determine the effect Moringa oleifera seed meal (MOSM) on the relationship between body weight and body morphometric parameters of local and exotic chickens. The total sum of one hundred and ninety two chickens comprising of ninety six Nigerian Ecotype local chickens and Marshall broiler chickens in four dietary treatments with three replicates (of eight birds per replicate for each genotype of chicken) per treatment. Four experimental diets containing 0, 5, 10 and 15 % MOSM were used. Data were analyzed using the Pearson Correlation model. The study showed that the association between morphometric parameters and body weights decreased significantly (p<0.05) with increasing levels of MOSM (r decreased from 0.72 to 0.52) however all the associations were positive which signified that the inclusion of MOSM influenced the level of relationship between body weight and body morphometric parameters. This study concluded that 5% dietary inclusion of MOSM would improve growth performance in YENLC and Marshall broiler chickens.







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