Haematology and growth performance characteristics of broiler birds fed abattoir wastes (bovine blood and rumen content)


  • D. N. Onunkwo
  • O. A. Ekine




Haematology, Abattoir waste, Rumen content, Bovine blood, Broiler


This study was conducted to assess the effects of abattoir wastes (bovine blood and rumen content mixture) on the haematology and growth performance characteristics of broiler birds. One hundred and twenty (120) unsexed day old Abor acre broiler chicks were randomly assigned to 4 treatments and replicated 3 times in a completely randomized design (CRD) experiment. Four experimental diets were formulated to meet the nutrient requirement of broilers such that the birds were fed sundried abattoir waste (bovine blood and rumen content mixture) included at 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% representing Diet 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively, with Diet 1 as the control. Each dietary treatment consists of 30 birds with 10 birds per replicate. The experimental diets and clean water were supplied at- libitum throughout the experimental period. Data were collected on feed intake, daily weight gain, final body weight, weight gain. Feed conversion ratios were calculated. Blood samples for hematology was collected, analyzed and recorded. At the end of the 56 days feeding trials, data collected on different parameters were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results showed that mixtures of bovine blood and rumen content significantly (P<0.05) improved the final weight (1767.02g -1931.44g), weight gain (1367.02g -1528.44g), feed intake (107.47g -118.99g) and feed conversion ratio (4.87 – 4.08) of the broilers. Significant (P<0.05) improvements were observed on the RBC, WBC, MCV, MCH, eosinophyls and the lymphocytes of the haematological parameters of the broilers. These results showed the complementary potentials of bovine blood and rumen content mixture in broiler diets, which can be included up to 15% in the ration of broilers without detrimentally affecting the growth performance and haematology of the broilers.







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