Effects of poultry manure and nitrogen rates from two production systems on dry matter yield, and nutritive value of Columbus grass (Sorghum almum)


  • M Baba Bayero University Kano
  • I Lamir
  • I Abdullahi
  • M.S Sadique Federal University Keshere Gombe state




Sorghum almum, Dry matter yield, production system, digestible dry matter, Dry matter intake


The experiment was conducted at screen house of Centre for Dry land Agriculture, Bayero University Kano, in the year 2016. The objective of the study was to determine the effects of poultry manure and nitrogen rates from battery cage and deep litter systems on dry matter yield, morphological characteristics and forage quality of Columbus grass (Sorghum almum). Sorghum almum seeds were sown in 32 plastic containers (dimensions 26 cm height, 28 cm top width and 20cm base width) perforated at the bottom containing 12 kg mixture of sandy and loamy soil in ratio of 1:3. The treatments consisted of poultry manure from two production systems (Battery cage and Deep litter) and nitrogen rates (50, 60, 70 and 80kgN/ha) in a 2×4 factorial combined in a completely randomized design. Parameters measured were dry matter yield, number of tillers and stem diameter at the late boot stage of Sorghum almum, in addition, forage quality parameters (CP, ADF, NDF, digestible dry matter (DDM) dry matter intake as a percentage of body weight (DMI) and relative feed value (RFV)) were also evaluated. The results revealed no significant (p>0.05) difference between battery cage and deep litter fertilized Sorghum almum but deep litter fertilized Sorghum almum had numerically higher dry matter yield (5062.30 kg/ha) than battery cage (4400.40 kg/ha) Number of tillers and stem diameter were found to be significantly greater (p<0.05) in Deep litter (2.56 and 5.70mm respectively) compared to Battery cage (1.13 and 5.08mm respectively). Both dry matter yield and stem diameter of Sorghum almum were significantly (p<0.05) highest at 80 kg N/ha. Crude protein was observed to be significant (p<0.05) in Sorghum almum fertilized with poultry manure from deep litter (11.35 %) compared with battery cage (10.05 %). The CP value was observed to increase with increased nitrogen rate with the highest value recorded at 80 kg N/ha (11.11 %). Dry matter intake (as a percentage of body weight) was equally greater (p<0.05) in Sorghum almum fertilized with deep litter (2.63%) compared to battery cage (2.49%). The value for NDF was significantly higher in sorghum almum fertilized with battery cage, while that of ADF was greater in deep litter. it can be concluded that, Sorghum almum fertilized with manure from deep litter system produced better yield and nutritive value.