Comparative performance of broiler chicks fed diets containing differently processed Mucuna pruriens seed meals


  • O. O. Emenalom Federal University of Technology, Owerri



Mucuna pruriens seed, water soaked, Ca(OH)2 soaked, feed intake, growth rate, feed conversion ratio


A 28-day feeding trial was conducted to determine the effects of dietary inclusion of Mucuna seeds: soaked in Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) solution, soaked in Ca(OH)2 and cracked water-soaked and cooked, on the performance of broiler chicks. Two batches of raw Mucuna seeds were used. The first batch was soaked in 3% Ca(OH)2 for 48 hours. Part of the soaked seeds were sun-dried and milled. The remaining part were cooked, sun-dried and milled. The second batch was cracked, soaked in water for 48 hours and cooked before sun drying and milling. Both meals were analyzed for their proximate composition and included in broiler starter diets at 20% dietary level respectively. The control diet contained no mucuna meal. Each diet was fed to a group of 40 broiler chicks in a completely randomized design replicated four times. At 20% dietary level containing Ca(OH)2 soaked seed meal significantly (P<0.05) depressed the performance of the birds in terms of feed intake, growth rate and feed conversion ratio. However, soaking in Ca(OH)2, prior to cooking and cracking prior to soaking in water and cooking did not adversely affect the performance of the birds in all parameters measured.

Author Biography

O. O. Emenalom, Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Department of Animal Science and Technology







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