Nutritional effects of toasted castor seed meal based-diets on growth and blood parameters of grower rabbits supplemented with quantum blue® enzyme


  • S. E. Alu
  • M. M. Ari
  • I. O. Egya
  • S. V. Bitrus



Castor seeds, grower rabbits, quantum blue® enzyme, ricin, serum biochemical constituents, toasting


Rabbits are known to be highly prolific animals with short gestation period and can thrive well on cheaper and available alternative feeds such as castor seeds especially when properly processed and supplemented with the right additive. Twenty weaner composite rabbits weighing approximately 660.45±12.05g/rabbit were utilized in an experiment to evaluate effect of toasted castor seed meal (TCSM) on growth and blood parameters of grower rabbits supplemented with quantum blue® enzyme. The rabbits were allotted to four isonitrogenous (15% crude protein) and isocaloric (2850kcal/kg, ME) diets with two levels (0 and 30%) of TCSM and two levels of enzymes (0 and 100PPM) in a 2X2 factorial arrangement of a Completely Randomized Design. Growth parameters and blood constituents were measured. The results obtained showed that all the growth parameters evaluated were not significantly (P>0.05) influenced by enzyme supplementation except for initial weight which was significantly (P<0.05) reduced (1818.75 vs. 1368.75 g/rabbit). Similarly, inclusion of TCSM significantly (P<0.05) reduced initial (1862.50 vs. 1325.00 g/rabbit) and final (2112.50 vs. 1204.17 g/rabbit) weights of the rabbits. Also, there was significant improvement (P<0.05) in serum calcium (3.00 mmol/L), creatinine (82.67mg/L) and albumin concentration (25.67 vs. 30.67 and 25.33 g/L) in rabbits fed high TCSM and enzyme supplementation. In conclusion, inclusion of 30% TCSM supplemented with quantum blue ®enzyme at 100 ppm reduced the effect of TCSM on the animals and improves acceptance, absorption and utilization of feed by grower rabbits without compromising their health status. 







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