Phytogenics (Lemon and orange peels) influenced the performance, gut morphology and blood profile of broiler chickens


  • A. O. Fafiolu
  • J. O. Alabi
  • C. G. Godwin
  • I. D. Dada
  • A. A. Orimogunje
  • O. A. Osinowo
  • Z. O. Bello
  • T. O. Ogunkanmbi



Broilers, Citrus peels, Gut structure, Performance, Serum chemistry, Villus height


This study evaluated the effect of phytogenic feed additives (Lemon peel, LP and Orange peel, OP) added singly or in combination to basal diets on the performance, gut morphology, haematology, serum biochemistry and lipid profile of broiler chickens. Four nutritionally adequate Corn-Soybean based diets were generated by the addition of LPand/or OPto basal diet. A total of 320, 1-d-old Marshall strain broiler chicks were given the basal diet supplemented with no additive (T1), 500g/tonne of LP (T2), OP (T3), or LP+OP (T4) in a study which lasted for 42 days. Growth performance was assessed weekly while gut and blood samples were collected at d 42 for examination. Data generated were analyzed using ANOVA with a P<0.05 level of significance. Results showed that chickens fed diets supplemented with LP and OP had similar (P>0.05) growth performance compared with the control group. Higher (P<0.05) duodenal and jejunal villus height were observed in chickens fed LP and OP, respectively. Phytogenics inclusion caused reduced (P<0.05) laminal propria depth at the ileum segment. Higher (P<0.05) PCV (30.00%), total protein (6.89 g/L) and albumin (3.67 g/L) were observed in chickens on LP+OP. Haemoglobin concentration (Hb) and RBC were not affected by the treatments imposed. Serum creatinine, uric acid and liver enzymes (AST and ALT) activity were reduced (P<0.05) with inclusion of LP and OP in broiler diets. Increase (P<0.05) HDL and decrease total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides were observed in broilers fed LP and OP. Dietary inclusion of LP and OP had positive influence on gut morphology, RBC production, plasma protein reserves and lipid profile of broiler chickens.






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