Reproductive performance of intensively managed primiparous gravid West African Dwarf goats fed pulverized bio-fibre waste-based diets


  • G. A. Ibhaze Federal University of Technology, Akure



gravid, pulverized biofibre wastes, West African dwarf goats, intensive management, primiparous


The feed intake and reproductive performance of intensively managed West African dwarf (WAD) gravid does were investigated. Twelve does weighing 11.90-13.05kg were used for the study. The does were fed on pulverized maize-cob based diets; maize-cob/cassava peel (PMC/CsP), maize-cob/brewers' grain (PMC/BG), and maize-cob/cassava peel/brewers' grain (PMC/CsP/BG). The does were allotted to the three dietary treatments such that four individually housed animals, each serving as a replicate and were also fed with concentrate diet at 1% of their body weight. Oestrus was synchronized in the does using 1mL/10kg of Prostaglandin –Fα intramuscularly. Animals were mated with a proven buck. Dams were evaluated in a pregnancy trial while the kids born were evaluated in a pre-weaning growth trial. Dams were weighed at mating and fortnightly until kidding. Variables investigated were; feed intake, dam weight at mating, prior and after parturition, gestation length, weight gained during pregnancy, kid's birth and weaning weights, kid's daily weight gain, sex ratio. Feed intake revealed that does fed PMC/CsP recorded the highest total dry matter intake (TDMI) throughout the three trimesters (727.16, 832.85 and 637.08g/day) when compared to 339.38, 52.18 and 401.03g/day obtained for does fed PMC/BG. Weight gained was significantly (P<0.05) higher in does on PMC/CsP. Mean birth weight, weaning weight and daily weight gain were higher for kids whose dams were fed PMC/CsP/BG. It can therefore be concluded that diets used in this study may serve as alternative feed for gravid goats while goats fed PMC/CsP/BG had better reproductive performance.

Author Biography

G. A. Ibhaze, Federal University of Technology, Akure

Department of Animal Production and Health