Evaluation of multi-nutrient block supplementation on nutrient intake and growth performance of Yankasa rams fed based diet of cowpea shell and maize offal


  • J. Yerima
  • M. Abubakar
  • D. J. U. Kalla
  • A. Mijinyawa
  • A. Yusuf




Performance, Yankasa rams, cowpea shell , maize offal


The effects of supplementing different urea molasses blocks to Yankasa Rams fed maize offal-based diet on nutrient intake, growth performance and economics of production were evaluated. Yankasa rams fed cowpea shell and maize offal-based diets mixed in a ratio of 1:3 supplemented with urea molasses block (UMB). The supplementary blocks were formulated to contain 0, 5, 10 and 15% urea. Twenty Yankasa rams were used for the experiment with initial body weights range of 16-20kg and randomly allocated to four treatment groups of five animals each in completely randomized designed. Data on feed and water intake, body weight change were measured. Rams were fed both the basal diet and supplements ad libitum. The result revealed no significant (P>0.05) difference in basal feed (579.38-595.18g/day), UMB (60.78-96.50g/day) and dry matter intakes (584.36-609.33 g/day) among the treatments. Rams on treatment 3 recorded the highest average daily weight gain (ADG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) (101.43 g/day, 5.93) than those on treatment 2 (48.57 g/day, 12.37) with the least. The cost of UMB/kg was least in treatment 3 (N 46.66) compared to those on treatment 1(N 83.66), 2(N 113.05) and 4(N 50.39). Supplementation of urea molasses block improved growth performance and FCR. Urea up to 15% may be included in urea molasses blocks without any detrimental effects on performance. However, including urea at 10% in UMB gave the highest ADG and FCR and therefore may be recommended for growing Yankasa rams







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